Preventing Water Damage While on Vacation

Imagine arriving home from a relaxing, wonderful vacation only to find that your house has been flooded with water. Water damage is the 2nd most common homeowner’s insurance claim across the United States, usually caused by leaking pipes or appliances while the homeowner is away. Floods, leaks, or any other water-related problem can go unnoticed for several days or weeks if no one is home. This water damage can result in thousands of dollars in wet carpet and hardwood floor damage.
This vacation nightmare can be avoided if proper steps are taken before and during your travels. Listed below are 6 steps to prevent water damage and wet carpet while on vacation!

Step 1: Check the house

Check your entire house for any signs of leaks. Look at all the pipes located underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Inspect the water heater for any cracks and/or rust. It is also beneficial to check the top of your roof for any damaged or dislodged shingles, fixing them if needed.

Step 2: Examine Hoses

Examine all hoses that are attached to any major appliances such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Make sure they are functioning properly, keeping a look out for anything out of the ordinary. A burst hose while on vacation can cause a huge wet carpet problem.

Step 3: Remove Blockages

Remove all blockages from rain gutters and downspouts. If your hose has a sump pump, listen to the motor and check to see that the water is going outside.

Step 4: Insulate

Insulate any exposed pipes to avoid freezing during the winter. In San Diego we don’t typically encounter this problem, but there can be occasional nights the temperature drops below freezing. If the weather is continuously dropping below freezing you may want to leave the heater on low while away.

Step 5: Ask a Friend

One of the most effective ways to avoid vacation water damage is to ask a close friend or family member to check on the house periodically. They will need to know where the main water is located in the event of a flood or pipe leak. Ask them to regularly check for any wet carpet around the house that could possibly indicate a pipe leak that is not visible.

Step 6: Turn off Main Water Valve

If no one is available to check on your house, turn off the main water valve during the trip. Drain out the pipes by continuously running water until it runs out. Also, flush the toilets in your home once the water is off. Taking this step will eliminate the chances of a pipe leak or flood.

Our team at Olympic Carpet deals with these unfortunate problems all the time. We make it our priority to replace or dry wet carpet as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you come back to a damaged home with wet carpet you need to replace, we are here for you.